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Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change Action
ETH/BTC Ethereum 0.05350268 0.29% Trade
LTC/BTC Litecoin 0.00112330 0.69% Trade
XRP/BTC XRP 0.00000857 0.71% Trade
ENK/BTC Enkronos 0.00050000 0.00 Trade
AQU/BTC aQuest 0.00050000 0.00 Trade
SWEE/BTC Swee Token 0.00080000 0.00 Trade
GAM/BTC YourGamify Token 0.01000000 0.00 Trade
GFEE/BTC FeelGrid Token 0.00040000 0.00 Trade
ADA/BTC Cardano 0.00000686 -1.72% Trade
BCH/BTC Bitcoin Cash 0.00597806 -2.09% Trade
XLM/BTC Stellar 0.00000162 0.00% Trade
ALGO/BTC Algorand 0.00000000 0% Trade
LINK/BTC Chainlink 0.00022166 0.20% Trade
UNI/BTC Uniswap 0.00013477 % Trade
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change Action
ENK/ETH Enkronos 0.00250000 0.00 Trade
AQU/ETH aQuest 0.00530000 0.00 Trade
SWEE/ETH Swee Token 0.00630000 0.00 Trade
GAM/ETH YourGamify Token 0.00570000 0.00 Trade
GFEE/ETH FeelGrid Token 0.00600000 0.00 Trade
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change Action
ENK/BNB Enkronos 0.00000000 0.00 Trade
AQU/BNB aQuest 0.00000000 0.00 Trade
SWEE/BNB Swee Token 0.00000000 0.00 Trade
GAM/BNB YourGamify Token 0.00000000 0.00 Trade
GFEE/BNB FeelGrid Token 0.00600000 0.00 Trade
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change Action
BTC/USD Bitcoin 63785.00000000 1.89% Trade
ETH/USD Ethereum 3413.40000000 2.20% Trade
DOGE/USD Dogecoin 0.12210000 3.93% Trade
ADA/USD Cardano 0.43207000 -1.32% Trade
XLM/USD Stellar 0.10241000 -1.12% Trade
LTC/USD Litecoin 71.62000000 2.49% Trade
DOT/USD Polkadot 6.27700000 -1.10% Trade
DAI/USD Dai 0.99987000 0.00% Trade
SHIB/USD Shiba Inu 0.00001927 7.59% Trade
LINK/USD Chainlink 14.08000000 1.44% Trade
UNI/USD Uniswap 8.08397000 -3.78% Trade
APE/USD ApeCoin 0.83000000 5.06% Trade
GRT/USD The Graph 0.21029000 2.98% Trade
SAND/USD The Sandbox 0.33148000 2.01% Trade
MANA/USD Decentraland 0.34000000 0.00% Trade
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change Action
BTC/EUR Bitcoin 58527.00000000 2.01% Trade
ETH/EUR Ethereum 3131.00000000 2.28% Trade
DOGE/EUR Dogecoin 0.11180000 3.45% Trade
ADA/EUR Cardano 0.39558000 -1.28% Trade
XLM/EUR Stellar 0.09399000 -1.19% Trade
LTC/EUR Litecoin 65.81000000 2.73% Trade
DOT/EUR Polkadot 5.76400000 -1.06% Trade
SHIB/EUR Shiba Inu 0.00001765 7.43% Trade
LINK/EUR Chainlink 12.87000000 1.18% Trade
UNI/EUR Uniswap 7.37302000 -4.87% Trade
APE/EUR ApeCoin 0.73000000 2.82% Trade
GRT/EUR The Graph 0.19332000 1.57% Trade
SAND/EUR The Sandbox 0.30371000 1.92% Trade
MANA/EUR Decentraland 0.33000000 3.12% Trade
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change Action
BTC/USDT Bitcoin 63718.00000000 1.81% Trade
ETH/USDT Ethereum 3422.00000000 2.59% Trade
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change Action
USDT/VENICE Tether USD 1.00000000 0.00 Trade
BTC/VENICE Bitcoin 37.00000000 0.00 Trade
ETH/VENICE Ethereum 1.00000000 0.00 Trade
BNB/VENICE Binance Chain 275.60000000 0.00 Trade
Pair Coin Last Price 24H Change Action
AQU/ENK aQuest 2.00000000 0.00 Trade
SWEE/ENK Swee Token 2.00000000 0.00 Trade
GAM/ENK YourGamify Token 2.00000000 0.00 Trade
GFEE/ENK FeelGrid Token 2.00000000 0.00 Trade


Easy to use

An intuitive experience from the start. From day one, we designed and built a streamlined crypto exchange for newcomers and experts alike.

Strong Security

Security is not an option. Earning the trust of our clients has always been our highest priority. We earn that trust through the best security in the business.

High Exchange Limit

A market with high volumes and the top cryptocurrency can you trade in a few seconds.

Payment Options

We dedicated to providing you with low fees and a variety of digital and fiat funding options to power your cryptocurrency investment.

24/7 support

Got A Problem? Just Get Intouch. Our Support Team Is Available 24/7.


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How it works

Step 01


Register easily your account and complete your verification by clicking on the "confirmation" link you will receive via email.

Step 02


After account confirmation, please Submit Your KYC documents for better usability.

Step 03


Once verified, you can start trade safely and easily with Venice Swap.

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Trade with confidence on the world's fastest and most secure crypto exchange. Sign up today and buy top cryptocurrencies in seconds. Deep order book liquidity in all market conditions. Make easy deposits and withdrawals, measure your portfolio’s performance and keep track of all of your crypto in one convenient place.

About Us

Venice Swap owes its name to the extraordinary history of the Most Serene Republic of Venice as a naval and mercantile empire, which between Rialto and Piazza San Marco invented the very concept of a modern stock exchange.

Just as the Serenissima did in the past, today Venice Swap intends to shape a new concept of crypto exchange where an ecosystem of different applications will create a powerful shared one-stop crypto experience for end users and traders


Do you believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can change the world for the better? Join the Venice Swap Affiliate Program and earn special rewards when you introduce your world to Venice Swap, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.


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Frequently asked questions

  1. Please visit Venice Swap official website and click the sign up button on the top right corner.
  2. On the registration page, please follow the instructions and fill in the email address and password that you want to use for your account. If you’ve been referred to register on Venice Swap by a friend, make sure to fill in the Referral ID (optional).
  3. After filling in your data, click on the【sign up】button. We will now send you a confirmation email to the address you’ve specified. Please check your inbox to confirm your registration.
  4. Once you've received the confirmation email, please click on the 【Verify Email】button to confirm your registration.
  5. For the safety of your account, we recommend you to enable the 2-factor authenticator (Google 2FA) in your account.

The account password should be at least an 8 digit alphanumeric combination and include capital letters. If you entered the password incorrectly , we would recommend you to change your password. Please click 'forgot password?' in the log-in page to initiate the process.

When you want to verify your identity documents in Venice Swap, you should click on dashboard and after that click on kyc button, in the next step you can upload a photo from your identity documents such as government issued card or driving license or your passport for basic level.

In basic level you have withdrawal daily limits, but if you want to increase your withdrawal daily limits you can choose advance level and upload a selfie from your identity documents and either upload a photo from gas or electricity or other utility bill; after that if you want to increase your withdrawal limit furthermore, you can request it in support ticket section.

After logging in, please find “Wallet” > ”spot Wallet” > “Deposits”, select or input the coin you want to deposit. Please notice that some of the tokens require a tag/Memo/Payment ID for deposit, you will need to input the corresponding tag/Memo/Payment ID when you deposit those coins.

Let's take BTC as an example. You can choose to deposit in two ways: Click “Copy” to paste the coin address to the BTC coin address from sending platform; Or scan the QR code of sending platform.


- Please confirm your deposit address and the type of coin if it is correct

- Your deposit will be credited to your account after specified network confirmation. (You can see how many confirmation is needed in deposit page)

To enable Google 2FA, please install Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone first and refer to following instructions:

- PC Webpage: after login to your account, please go to 【Security】

-【Google Authenticator】

-【Enable】and follow the instruction.

The Anti-Phishing Code is a security feature provided by Venice Swap that allows users to add an extra layer of security to their account. Once you have enabled the Anti-Phishing Code, it will be included in all genuine emails sent to you from Venice Swap. This code will help you to discern real emails from phishing emails, helping you to prevent phishing attempts. Please check the following instructions to setup:

- After login to your Venice Swap account, you can find Anti-Phishing Code setting in the security tab. To get started, click on the button labeled “Create Anti-Phishing Code”.

- You will now be prompted with a field where you can enter the Anti-Phishing Code that you desire. The code must be a minimum of 8 characters with both uppercase letters and numbers. It is advised to choose a code that is not easily guessed but is easily recognized by you.

Let's make an example that you want to buy BNB using BTC. You may use Venice Swap on your PC website to trade. 

- PC web page: After logging in, click [spot] > click [Trade] at the top of the page, and select BTC in the menu in top right , select or search for the trading pair you want [BNB/BTC].

Currently, Venice Swap supports below types of orders:


- Market Order

- Limit Order


There are several situations you need to pay attention to:

- There may be a price difference of the actual filled price if your order amount is large. For example, the cheapest limit sell order available will not be sufficient to fill your entire market buy order, so your order will automatically match the following limit sell orders, working its way up the order book until it is completed.

- Crypto currency market fluctuates frequently and sometimes violently. In some cases, the market price reached the price you set but at that time there is not enough volume at the price to fill your order. When this happen, your limit order will be filled partially or sometimes not filled at all (If there are orders at the same price, Venice Swap will fill the order chronologically).