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Spontal Token

Round 1 - Spontaleza (Spontal) is the first project based on Blockchain and NFT technology that revolutionizes the value of Young Sports Talent and creates sustainability for their growth and the support of their families.

Start Date : June 15th, 2023 End Date : August 31st, 2023
Minimum purchase : 40.0000 SPONT Maximum purchase : 57,143.0000 SPONT
Total Supply : 26,460,000 SPONT Current Price : 1.75 USD
Token Symbol : SPONT Token Left : 26,460,000 SPONT

Purchased Token History

Date & Time Purchased Invested Token Price Credit Token Debit Amount Remark
No purchased history!


Spontal Tokens (SPONT) are the utility tokens of the Spontaleza Platform. SPONT are used in all the transactions related to distributed credits on the Platform itself.


We Generate Profit with NFT and Image Rights

The young talents of today are the future champions of tomorrow. Their potential value is there for all to see.

We create, for each talent, exclusive NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) collections, which incorporate benefits from the image rights of the represented subjects: as the notoriety of the young talents increases, the value of the NFTs increases, with staggering growth potential.

We thus make the benefit of exploiting the image rights of future champions, until now the exclusive privilege of large corporations, available to all.

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