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Boostabit BBIT

BBIT Token: Connecting the Blockchain, Metaverse, and Real World

Start Date : April 15th, 2023 End Date : September 30th, 2023
Minimum purchase : 603,500.0000 BBIT Maximum purchase : 120,700,000.0000 BBIT
Total Supply : 60,000,000,000 BBIT Current Price : 0.00008285 USD
Token Symbol : BBIT Token Left : 59,994,582,456.13491821 BBIT

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BBIT Token is the ultimate bridge that brings together the best of the blockchain, metaverse, and real world into a seamless ecosystem.

  • Boosting Business Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence
  • Access a network of preferred providers
  • Create a win-win scenario

Boostabit is the innovative concept that connects several different businesses both in real life and metaverse, creating synergies that drive growth and value for providers and users alike. At the heart of the platform is the proprietary BBIT Utility token, which serves as a bridge between providers and users, unlocking exclusive opportunities.

By holding BBIT, users can access a network of preferred providers and unlock exclusive discounts, promotions, and perks that would not be available otherwise. This creates a win-win scenario where businesses benefit from increased exposure and access to new markets, while users enjoy better deals and experiences.