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One-Stop Experience Exchange and Swap

Start Date : April 21st, 2022 End Date : March 31st, 2023
Minimum purchase : 1.0000 VENICE Maximum purchase : 2,000,000.0000 VENICE
Total Supply : 10,000,000 VENICE Current Price : 6 USDT
Token Symbol : VENICE Token Left : 9,944,971.0853 VENICE

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VENICE COIN is the utility token that powers Venice Swap ecosystem, used in all transactions related to distributed credits on its platform. VENICE follows ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain. In a few days, VENICE will be publicly available through an IEO on the Venice Swap exchange, before being listed on a first-tier crypto exchange to be announced soon.

Venice Swap launched the first release of its Crypto Exchange on March 2022 with spot, margin and P2P crypto trading functionalities for the top cryptocurrencies. Other features will be released in the following days and weeks, from the listing of the top cryptocurrencies and of new ERC20 and BSC BEP-20 tokens, to IEO features, referral system and much more. Venice Swap will also publish its DeFi Swap in a short time, a peer-to-peer system for trading ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum and other blockchain networks like Polygon. The company created a very safe crypto ecosystem integrating high-performance transactional risk tools to prevent any abuse by illicit and shady players and increasing its compliance shield in a challenging era for all the crypto world after the last dramatic geopolitical events that stimulated an always increasing attention by regulators all over the world.